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MARCO SPA mission

Our vision

Marco S.p.A. intends positioning itself as a company capable of offering the global market, good ‘value for money’ products while striving continuosly to improve it’s capacity to develop innovative, environmentally friendly and economically efficient solutions with the customer’s needs in mind.

Management is convinced that a constant Improvement process is essential to guarantee a future to the company, and will thus strive to:

  • Develop customer care relationships,
  • Identify customer satisfaction on products and service rendered
  • Understand customer needs, both current and future, in order to propose innovative products, solutions and services which can exceed expectations.
  • Develop custom-made products to customer specifications.
  • Affirm the Marco brand name both nationally and internationally.
  • Develop quality products in conformance to current norms and regulations.
  • Develop products having regard to environmental aspects
  • Offer products and differentiated services for distribution in diverse market areas.

Mangement intends:
1. Pursuing the above objectives within a dynamic process which is aimed at:

  • Integrating employees in the business process by means of individual qualification, involvement and personal responsibility.
  • Improving the communication process
  • Integrating company procedures with the use of information tools
  • Improving company management processes
  • Promoting comparative evaluations with competitor companies thus evaluating reciprocal experiences which can create value and generate efficient and synergistic processes.

2. Create a supplier knowledge base exchange aimed at:

  • Improving quality of services and products,
  • Aligning actual vs promise delivery dates
  • Improving communcation methods
  • Develop partner relationships on specific projects and capitalizing on the Marco Spa Marketing & Sales infrastructure.

3. Undertake a company program plan, to increase awarness and involvement, on environmental issues and taking control of all aspects of the production process with particular attention to:

  • Production waste and waste-management thereof,
  • Energy consumption of related facilities and services
  • Atmospheric emissions generated during normal and overtime activity

Management intends re-affirming, in the context of a crucial global environmental moment, it’s willingness to be realistically responsible to implement a strategy through:

  • Respect for environmental norms and regulations, both regional and national
  • Periodic analysis of process flows and data relative to environmetal aspects
  • Involvement of staff, consultants, clients in a process of increasing responsibility towards environmental themes
  • The creation of an integrated system of procedures aimed at improving company efficiency and observing environmental impacts.

The General Manager