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New products


48V Pumps

48V Pumps now available upon request!



Check all the advantages here


UP8-RE – The new frontier of electronic gear pumps

A new electronic pump is finally available. Thanks to an integrated Smart Keypad you can now control the fluid direction and fine tune the flow.

Compact, silent and reversible, real flow control, independent of viscosity.

Equipped with high grade bronze gears and stainless steel shaft, perfect for oils, diesel and cooling fluids.

Suitable for 12V o 24V DC

Click here for technical specifications


XB2 / XTREME BLAST – New electric air horn with double compressor

MARCO XB2 - Electric air horn with double compressor

New electric air horn XB2 – Xtreme Blast, the two tones horn most powerful of its category.

Xtreme Blast has a deep and loud sound. The use of two electric compressors, in fact, always ensures a proper level of sound pressure for each of the two acoustic trumpets.

Xtreme Blast is available at 12V e 24V and it is supplied with relay, air hoses and fixing hardware.

Click here for technical specifications


UP14 – The new gear pump

Finally a 12 GPM gear pump for diesel transfer and fuel polishing systems

Compact, quiet and reversible, for continuous duty. Great delivery, head and suction.

Available in 12V o 24V DC and 220V AC.

Click here for technical specifications


New Gas Horns in compliance with European Directive N. 517/2014

We are pleased to inform you that our new gas horns, with non-flammable eco-gas (HFO 1234ze) complying with the latest restrictions imposed by the European Community, are now available.

Snap-On type in a 200 ml mono-bloc aluminum bottle. The color of the bottle may be different

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