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We are proud to introduce our new Automotive distributor in Spain: CASALS MATERIAL INDUSTRIAL, S.L. P.I.El Besós c/Cusco,31 08030...

UP8-RE – The new frontier of electronic gear pumps

  A new electronic pump is finally avalable. Thanks to an integrated Smart Keypad you can now control the...

XB2 / XTREME BLAST – New electric air horn with double compressor

New electric air horn XB2 – Xtreme Blast, the two tones horn most powerful of its category. Xtreme Blast has a...

UP14 – The new gear pump

Finally a 46 l/min gear pump for diesel transfer and fuel polishing systems. Compact, quiet and reversible, for continuous...

New Gas Horns in compliance with European Directive N. 517/2014

We are pleased to inform you that our new gas horns, with non-flammable eco-gas (HFO 1234ze) complying with the...