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Certificazioni IQNET SQS ISO9001 ISO14001

ISO 9001https://www.marco.it/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/SQS_2021.pdf

We have constantly strived for, and maintained the quality objective in the 40 years of our manufacturing activity. We are determined to build quality into everything we make. We wish to constantly improve performance within adequate time parameters. Keeping in mind the needs of those who operate in our market sector, together with a coordinated and motivated action plan involving all our partners, we wish to offer innovative products, solutions and services while at the same time striving to exceed their expectations. Our company strategy is to evolve through a well controlled and informed business process. We aim to be a reliable partner to all our customers and to contribute increasingly to their success through our organization. Their trust constitutes our motive and at the same time our objective for existence in the international market.

ISO 14001

Respect for life remains at the essence of life itself. Managing nature’s resources with responsibility has become a dominant motive for those who, like us, wish to contribute to the future of the environment. Everyday quality of life is a basic requirement for the existence of a promising future. Recyclable materials, reduced energy consumption products, ecological production processes, well-trained and informed workers, all contribute to protecting the environment, step by step, as a result of responsible and accurate choices made all along.